Joel Edwards

After two decades of audio and video post-production work in Nashville and Atlanta, Joel Edwards created Tangerine Hero in 2011 to allow him to do what he loves: using his digital toolbox to create images and sounds that convey a story, an emotion, a feeling.

He can find the essentials in a mountain of footage, cut them down to a clear, powerful narrative, illustrate complex concepts with motion graphics, compose, record, edit, and mix the music and sound effects to support the storyline, and deliver the final product on time and under budget. 

30+ years in video post-production, audio recording and music performance has seasoned Joel to a crispy reddish exterior. He enjoys playing bass and keyboard with various local artists at night, while his days are filled with the delight of designing sounds and pushing pixels.

joel@tangerinehero.com | LinkedIn | SoundCloud | Vimeo

SOFTWARE PROFICIENCIES: Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve, Toonboom Harmony, Protools, Reason, Logic
MUSIC: Bass, Keyboard, Guitar, Voiceover